Tarlmak is a bitter, mutated Toa of Fire who serves the Shadowy Ones. Template:Character


Tarlmak serves The Seven Traitors. He will appear in Twilight Void


Tarlmak leads the Stalker Tribe on Bara Magna. He is the archenemy of alternate Kor.


  • Tarlmak was created by Varkanax39. Lizarddragon x25 was granted permission to use him in his non-canon serial, Tale of Kor.

Corpsian Legion (v|e)
Leaders: Skorpix
Secondary: Windeus
Former Leaders: The Fury
Members: NightshadeShadowbringerFlareusBanraxDarknessFrosteyesDecayFlameRed
Corpsian Subtypes: Charger of CorpsePoisoner of CorpseBurning Arm of CorpseLimiter of CorpseAnnihilator of CorpseEliminator of CorpseCopy of CorpseUltimatum of Corpse
Special Detachments: LimitersEliminatorsWhite Lightning Division

Former Members: Burnarm

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