The Stitched Warriors are the mindless shock troops of the Stitched Ones.



The Soul Eaters of Corpse created the Stitched Warriors to be obedient, mindless slaves. After the Soul Eaters left Xaterex for the Twilight Void, the Stitched Ones followed, where they still remain, serving the Soul Eaters.

Twilight VoidEdit

After the Battle at the DD23562, Nightshade joined with a group of Stitched Warriors led by a Stitched Arcanist. However, before they could attack, The Fates teleported them all to the Garden of the Dead.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Warriors are weak and expendable, but more effective then Soul Seekers in combat. They are treated like slaves in the Void. All Warriors carry a nonmagical dagger and a sword.

Known WarriorsEdit

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