Speewaa New
Biographical information

Matoran Universe[1]


174 AYD, Drakos I[2]

Physical description






Eye color





Limited control over Infinity, limited levitation (with Kanohi Miru)[1]


Sickle of Creation[1]



Chronological and political information
  • Imperial Era[1]
Speewaa was a Matoran forced to compete in the Eternal Game.


Speewaa was created in the Matoran Universe, along with her friend Jorbyy. She was somehow captured by the Ix at an unknown point in her life, but not before she had met and befriended a Scarabax named Spaunauh, who became her pet. During the initial battles at the Weapons Caches, Speewaa was able to grab a Sickle and escape with Spaunauh, though Jorbyy was killed in combat with another warrior.

Later in the Games, Speewaa saw the Element Lord of Technology enter the Underground Caverns. She followed him, only to find herself trapped in a large underground tunnel system filled with Torshurrr and Baterra. One of the Torshurrr attacked Speewaa, but the Matoran was able to draw her launcher and kill the creature with three shots. Immediately after this, Speewaa met Blast, and the two joined in an alliance. Blast also imbued Speewaa's Sickle with Reality powers.

Later, Speewaa and Blast encountered another team of warriors, consisting of Zaeron, Benjarmin, Millennium, and Dredzek. Although uncertain, the two groups eventually joined in an alliance to fight the Baterra. However, Speewaa was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Baterra and was struck by a Plasma blast, although she survived with nothing more than a leg injury. Soon after, Millennium, Dredzek, and Benjarmin turned on Zaeron, Blast, and Speewaa. Blast told Speewaa to find Shardak, and Speewaa fled to the cave's entrance, preparing to activate the powers in her Sickle and destroy the caves, only for Benjarmin to appear out of nowhere and impale Speewaa with his spear. Blast appeared moments later, vaporizing Benjarmin with the Scythe of Creation. Speewaa was able to give Spaunauh to Blast before she died of her wounds.

Personality and traitsEdit

Speewaa is kind and caring, preferring not to use violence in a situation unless necessary. After Jorbyy's death, she became more determined and tough.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Being a Matoran of Infinity, Speewaa posesses the ability to activate the powers of her Kanohi Miru, allowing her limited Levitation. She can also control the Element of Infinity, albeit to a very limited extent.


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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