Template:SpeciesPoisoners of Corpse are small Corpsians created by Lariska to spread the deadly virus Dominion. They are bright yellow in color and carry small guns.



Poisoners were created by Lariska to spread her Elimination Plague to matoran.

Testing ElimintionEdit

When Lariska coined the term "Dominion" for a weak strain of the Elimination Plague, she unleashed the Poisoners of Corpse to test it. Their plaugue nearly depopulated Spherus Magna.

Corpsian Legion (v|e)
Leaders: Skorpix
Secondary: Windeus
Former Leaders: The Fury
Members: NightshadeShadowbringerFlareusBanraxDarknessFrosteyesDecayFlameRed
Corpsian Subtypes: Charger of CorpsePoisoner of CorpseBurning Arm of CorpseLimiter of CorpseAnnihilator of CorpseEliminator of CorpseCopy of CorpseUltimatum of Corpse
Special Detachments: LimitersEliminatorsWhite Lightning Division

Former Members: Burnarm

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