Nightshade Lying Down
Biographical information

161 AYD[1]

Physical description




Eye color

Emerald green[2].

Chronological and political information

Nightshade was an Ix apprentice who masqueraded as Shardak's sister from 161 AYD- 175 AYD. Originally from the Circle, Nightshade was given her first major assignment: to spy on and kill Arcturas. After insinuiting herself as part of his Toa team, Nightshade eventually settled down with them in Intax, fearing the Kodax's tribal violence.

Finally, in 175 AYD, Nightshade told her superior, the Fury, where to find Arcturas and Shardak. The Fury sent a special detachment of Copies, which killed Arcturas. Nightshade then returned to the Circle with the Fury's group. Later, when Shardak attempted to free Blast from the Spire, Nightshade revealed her treachery and her role in Arcturas' death, then ordered the Ix with her to capture him.


Nightshade's early life is unknown, but between 160 AYD and 162 AYD she was given her first assignment as an Ix warrior: to track down and kill Arcturas. He and his friend Shardak eventually found her being "attacked" by a group of Shadow Wolves.

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